Music Videos


Shallow (cover)

BY Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

A collaboration with Howard Health Quarters- video production by Darren Smith Films.


My Old Bay Friend (cover)

BY Adrian Buckaroogirl

Angela performs all over the country at Cowboy Poetry Gatherings representing western music. Here is one of her favorite contemporary western songs by the beautiful Adrian Buckaroogirl- My Old Bay Friend. 


Folsom Prison Blues

BY Johnny Cash

This is a live video from Angela’s favorite local venue- The Raccoon Motel! She has performed here a few times both headlining and as an opener- as well as releasing her album “Consequence” here in April of 2018.


Paper Jams: Quad City Times

BY Angela Meyer

Among the Willows (original)

BY Angela Meyer

Wish it Was You (original)

BY Angela Meyer