Legions & Legends

“Legions & Legends” is a collection of 10 stories that pay homage to the small-town way of life.   Often cyclical, the journey is paved by ancestral footsteps and lit by neon signs.  Along the way we trip over the roots of our family tree- falling in love, finding routine in bad habits, and setting the tone for future generations.  At times we resent these places, but at some point we realize that we will never truly leave- after all, they built us a legacy.



1. Between Heaven & A Watering Hole

2. Ex-Lover

3. Work Can Wait

4. Drinking Again (Duet w/ Joe Stamm)

5. Dixon Legion

6. Fill His Boots

7. Men & Women

8. Legacy

9. Muddy Water

10. Brother (Duet w/ Ravyn Meyer)

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