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"Row 24"

Wheels up in Moline, headed for DC over 100 men seated on board

The pilot was the son of a hero Who sat in row 24 He had a cane in his lap,

a flag in his hand He’d waited a long time for this

They decided the cancer had got pretty bad And moved his name up the list

          (Chorus) they didn’t know how it’d feel To see it in stone

          hear a thanks they never had, when those soldiers came home

          shed a tear for their brothers At the Tomb of the Unknown

          So long after… the war

It feels like yesterday or a lifetime ago There’s nights it still keeps him awake

And the things you can’t unsee Are the things you don’t say

They make you feel alone But the young man beside him was a veteran too Assigned to row 24, they told stories about Normandy and Desert Storm


Touchdown in Moline, greeted by family And strangers lined out through the door A cardboard sign said “welcome home” To a changed man… from row 24

Between Heaven & a Watering Hole (Track 1- Legions & Legends)


There is a bar in Alzada, Montana, dollar bills line the ceiling

and saw dust fills the floor, a bathroom of Playboys, a corner pay phone

it's somewhere between heaven and a watering hole


Southeast of Rapid, where we got tattoos, there's a little dive bar

called the Horseshoe, and there's a buffalo skull holding bras on the wall

it's somewhere between heaven and a watering hole


          (Chorus) When you look around, you won't know what year it is

          and after an hour you'll wonder what number drink is this, you'll learn life

          from the barkeep, who's seen better days, she'll ask where you came from 

          you'll say its kinda like this place, it's somewhere

          between heaven and a watering hole


You open the door to the regulars, having lunch like the last 30 years

& God willing they will for at least 20 more... as they're waiting on

heaven in a watering hole



Ex-Lover (Track 2- Legions & Legends)


You already ruined it, broke his heart and were through with it

You fooled him once and shame on you, you fool him now and shame on me

But I can't keep quiet...


Listen here ex-lover, in a town this small, we can't act like we don't know

You're where it all went wrong, and somehow you still carry

His last name like a prize, shit's gonna get awkward when we look like

sister wives... but you're the


          (Chours) Ex, Ex, Ex, Ex-lover (3x)


Listen here ex-lover, co-parent, not co-owner, check your own damn oil

And leave my man alone... you think you're clever raising pawns in a game

What you like stays the same, take control, throw the blame, not your world

it's not the same... you're the 




Listen here ex-lover, there's life after divorce, I kinda liked it for you

but you seem miserable... being the




Work Can Wait (Track 3- Legions & Legends)

Midwest morning on the Riverboat Twilight, best bloody Mary's

between the banks of the Mississippi River, out floatin', not worried

about anything but killin' time.  They ask if we want another,

who cares we ain't drivin', whiskey on the water, cheers to LeClaire

and Port Byron, if we tip the pilot, think he'll drop us off in New Orleans?


         (Chorus) When trying to make a dollar takes everything you got

         Love's a little harder, but the best part, work can wait


There's a fire in your smile that for so long looked like embers

Roll up to the dock, steppin' off, like a new adventure's

Waiting there for us, rushin' home like it's a hideaway




You're a wanted man, but I know what you need

Hang a poster on a bedpost and see where it leads




Drinking Again (Track 4- Legions & Legends)

There's a monster in my bed, his pretty blue eyes have faded to red

and we can't take back any words that we said, so we'll wait til the morning

I could break through, you could leave, I'll cuss where you came from

you'll fall back asleep, and I should know better, but temper's a thief


         (Chorus) I feel empty, I feel weak, breaking a cycle that's generations

         deep, we're fighting our bloodlines, and scraping our knees

         I beg you to forgive what I know we'll repeat, when we're tired of fighting

         and drinking again


It's a pattern, it's a curse, written in bone, only quenched by the thirst

What's never enough will take all that is yours, when we're tired of fighting

and drinking again


         (Chorus) When we're tired of fighting... and drinking again


Dixon Legion (Track 5- Legions & Legends)

We stopped in at a quarter to ten for the infamous just one

And by the looks of it, half the town had been there since lunch

Two sober blondes walk into a bar, you'd think one of us would've saw 

it coming... mmmm...


There's a kid we went to high school with and a couple old farmers

A lady truck driver who chases truth with tequila

We all became fast friends and closer her down at 1am

With a $10 bar tab at the Dixon Legion


          (Chorus) This ain't our town, but these sure are our people

          We're on the wrong side of the county, but they made us feel at home

          Just me and my best friend stumblin' out at 1am with a $10 bar tab

          at the Dixon Legion


Not sure what we were running from but it caught us by morning

A headache and some memories flood back into focus

She made out with the bartender, not sure if I feel proud of ashamed

But there's $10 to blame




We may never go back again and keep our reputations

I guess they don't see too many of our kind, on a Tuesday night


        Just me and my best friend stumblin' out at 1am with a $10 bar tab... 

        At the Dixon Legion


Fill His Boots (Track 6- Legions & Legends)

Staring at a piece of paper, wondering what to say to you

We ain't talking, we ain't listening, tired of fighting nail and tooth

Maybe it ain't just isn't in you, after everything you've seen

my God, I can hardly blame you, living life dragging your feet


         (Chorus) Sitting here dreaming about a ring and a baby

         And a table to fill up a dining room, and you're gone again

         feeling guilty, feeling angry, stepping up one more time

         to fill his boots


We could spend our 50 years, prove our worth by doing favors

Worried about what they think and what they say

But I hope you learn to fight for the life that you've been given

Know you're more than what needs done and who needs saved




And I wonder if I'll ever get to see you break the cycle

But it's hard to walk away when you've got footsteps to follow


       Sitting here dreaming about a ring and a baby and a table 

       to fill up a dining room, maybe its selfish but I remember a time when

       that's what you wanted too... wanted too


Men & Women (Track 8- Men & Women)

He's upstairs with a magazine, and we ain't talking Field & Stream

Hunting for a little piece of mind, they've been married 17 years

She avoids him like she does the mirror, and pours another bandaid over ice


         (Chorus) If anybody asks it's as good as it gets, he makes dollars

         she makes sense of it all with her mama, talking on the phone

         Sees where everyone else went wrong, then he'll offer to pick up

         Shifts, and she'll swear its the last of the shit she'll put up with

         And that's the difference... between men & women


They still chase how they used to feel, holding on that time will heal

The cards were dealt and they're easy to fight over

He'll say he just needs some space, she'll break down then save some face

God forbid they know you're only human




And that's the difference... between waking up alone or a kiss goodnight

What you should've said... didn't come out right

To give it all up or give it another try





Legacy (Track 8- Legions & Legends)

A Cadillac and cigarettes headed out to visit, the old man they belonged to

He sets one on his headstone, pours a beer over the grass

That hasn't had the chance to grow back


          (Chorus) We all make scars just to watch them bleed

         Branded on our hearts like the ground beneath our feet

         We hate this place, but we will never leave, they built us a legacy


You drove home past the high school where your last name always saved you

Turned from trouble to a good man, and on the day we laid him down

We had to feed the whole damn town, everybody felt like his best friend




Muddy Water (Track 9- Legions & Legends)


You said, "I'm drowning", I said, "Then stand", you said "I'm outta here"

and I said "when?", like your buckle on a bed post, you're just hanging around

ain't a goddamn prize left to be won in this town


and it feels deep, when the roots get tangled

and you can't sleep, trying to keep a dream alive, look around,

what's pulling you under, will bury you alive


         (Chorus) they muddy the water, to make it feel deep

         They muddy the water, so you don't leave


I hope you know what's good for you, and go it alone, we can laugh at

The reflection when the dust settles, the best you'll be ain't just what's been

When you get home it'll all make sense, you're bigger than a small town reputation




When you feel resistance, start to dig, it's just a season and you're planting seeds

Soon you'll learn how the lotus grew to float, effortlessly




You said, "I'm drowning", I said, "then stand", you said "I'm outta here"

And I said, "When?"


Brother (Track 10- Legions & Legends)


There's a ghost in this house, he looks a lot like a little kid, a lot like me

We used to run, used to scream, used to hide, used to seek

For a way out, I guess we just got older


         (Chorus) It didn't have to be this way, it didn't have to be this way



I saw the pain on your face, there wasn't a damn thing more we could do

You lost your way, you lost your fight, found your wings, saw the light

Right before our mother got to you


        (Chorus) 2x


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CONSEQUENCE (Title track "Consequence") 

There’s ash marks on the front porch step | between the whiskey & cigarettes, I may burn the place down yet | he borrowed my truck and stole my horse, the son of a bitch must want a divorce | when I showed up they’d last seen him with her

So I got back on the highway, headed one road south | sure enough my mare’s tied at the trailer, with his boots outside her house

(Chorus) Annie Oakley always said, “don’t be afraid to love a man, but don’t be afraid to shoot one either” | it feels like a waste of a ten cent bullet, but I’m more of a waste of a damn good woman | with his gun it’ll look like an accident, actions come with consequence

This sleepy town sure gets around, and even if she leaves him now, there’s a dozen more to take her place | I’ve caught him slipping off that ring, inside the pocket of his jeans, lies our not so happy ending | (Chorus)

Should I tell him to go to hell or just go home? | But my finger on the trigger gives me say on where he goes | (Chorus)



DIRTY HABITS (Track 3 "Consequence") 

You drive too fast on gravel roads, to see rock fly out your back window | going nowhere with no time constraint, you’ll blow the speakers before you tap those brakes

You’ve got a dirty mouth & a filthy mind, but God knows your heart is gold | you’ll leave me here looking out, for that gypsy heart of yours

You smoke, you drink, you love, you leave | move faster than the sun, if you go, I’ll go | If you promise me, someday our time will come

(Pre-chorus) (Chorus)

Love’s the last thing on your mind, but I hope to change that with time | you’re hard to learn, hard to lose, got a lot of dirty habits | I think mine could be you





WISH IT WAS YOU (Track 4 "Consequence")

You weren't the kind to quit or walk away, now all they can say is, "what a damn shame" | but I know there's more to you than what you left here,  its still so clear

(Chorus) Like your boot steps on the hardwood, ole Boot Strap's still around | little echoes in the silence, I know you’re up there looking down, and I hear your name when the crowds cry out | the boys open the chute, and I wish it was you, I wish it was you

Its a long way to Vegas from Nicola Valley, you know you made your mama and daddy so proud | but there are demons tougher than any bull, you know you put on quite the show | in & outside of that arena

(Chorus) Here we are gathered in your name those you loved, the lives you've changed that gold buckle on your best friend's jeans your diamond promise to your pretty little thing pieces of you, but pieces just the same





AMONG THE WILLOWS (Track 5 "Consequence")

Martin left Missouri for the rush in Cheyenne, Andy knew the fortune of a whiskey drinking man | They bought themselves a dancehall with some money that they stole, but tempers tend to flare when the liquor starts to flow | Andy pulls a pistol, backed Martin outside, said if I see you again, it won't be alive, but as one gun was lowered, another one was drawn, and Martin got revenge in five shots

(Chorus) Among the willows with blood on his hands, the vigilantes made their plan, he'll pay the price, trade his sentence for a life | 'til he's laid low, among the willows

Six men on the jury & each found him guilty, to be jailed the next morning, he drank til the dawn | he was told there was a friend outside, he was pistol whipped and taken alive


Twice up a tree just to drag him once more, what would be his last dance on earth | he fell victim to the vigilantes, first to hang in Wyoming | the lawn came but ended their search, with a man who's feet barely touched the dirt





WISHING WELL (Track 6 "Consequence")

My last name isn't famous for the cows or corn it raises, I grew up with neighbors on each side | but I've got pride for my country, a cowboy who loves me, I took time to learn his way of life | maybe I was born the wrong place, the wrong time, I don't fit the mold but I don't feel its right

(Chorus) To be underestimated, overlooked, and calculated as a risk they won't take, they'll say you're doing fine kid, never stop trying, but from what I can tell | I've been tossing pennies in an empty wishing well

The machine likes to take in high dollar fabrication, pretty words with shallow truths | What happened to the grit?  Hard times ain't hard when, your daddy can buy your way out of them | They say the cowboy's a dying breed, but miss all the ones trying not to be 


Maybe I was born the wrong place, the wrong time | I'll be damned if I don't even try





TEXAS & TENNESSEE (Track 7 "Consequence")

They've both got dreams too big for this town, just starting out, trying to make a name for themselves | being pulled different ways, swore that things would never change, but they're changing now | They've been running side by side, parallel like headlights, but they hit a crossroads tonight

(Chorus) At the red light in that one-stop town, they could never look back or turn around | his blue eyes see a memory he swore he'd never leave, now he's headed southbound- she's headed eastbound, to Texas & Tennessee

Over his shoulder in the back he's got a suitcase she swore to help unpack, but those city lights called her name | the only dream she couldn't shake, and he wouldn't dare take that | in one last attempt she said, "come with me", but that big sky was calling and he was going


He said, "Baby, there's no Texas without Tennessee, and home is wherever you will be."





HOUSEWIFE (Track 8 "Consequence")

It ain't my job to make you feel more than what we both know you are, it ain't my fault that you feel comfortable where you shouldn't have been to start | I won't choose words carefully to not step on toes that trespassed my boundaries, you were out of line, now its my turn to speak my mind

(Chorus) ain't even dust on the paper with your new last name, poor boy must not listen cause they say, no matter what you try | you can't make a whore into a housewife

It ain't my business to judge your intention, but I'll call a spade a spade | you know I'd never say two words if you hadn't went & shown your face | I'm a firm believer that trash belongs out by the driveway


Now, skank is a stain that you can't wipe off, just cause you're what everybody's had doesn't mean you're what anybody wants | I'm all about supporting other women, I just believe that the homewreckers should stay home




HOME (Track 10 "Consequence")

I got a tongue like a rattlesnake, but at least he'd warn ya | words sharp as barbed wire, leave venom in your veins, I've seen you run and I can't blame ya, you were drawn to the rose, but pushed by the thorns

(Chorus) I don't know what souls are made of, but I swore I thought I recognized, the hard-worn trail living in your eyes | like a call across the prairie, your love's a lantern in the front window, always feels like home, home, home

We shine, its like a constellation, it could be coincidence, but its better if we don't make sense of it | seasons change like a soundtrack, we shed the skin the the past, cause you and I are built like that, we're built like that


Like an old photograph, you capture me and take me back, hanging pretty in the frame, better days ain't far away