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There’s ash marks on the front porch step | between the whiskey & cigarettes, I may burn the place down yet | he borrowed my truck and stole my horse, the son of a bitch must want a divorce | when I showed up they’d last seen him with her

So I got back on the highway, headed one road south | sure enough my mare’s tied at the trailer, with his boots outside her house

(Chorus) Annie Oakley always said, “don’t be afraid to love a man, but don’t be afraid to shoot one either” | it feels like a waste of a ten cent bullet, but I’m more of a waste of a damn good woman | with his gun it’ll look like an accident, actions come with consequence

This sleepy town sure gets around, and even if she leaves him now, there’s a dozen more to take her place | I’ve caught him slipping off that ring, inside the pocket of his jeans, lies our not so happy ending | (Chorus)

Should I tell him to go to hell or just go home? | But my finger on the trigger gives me say on where he goes | (Chorus)


You drive too fast on gravel roads, to see rock fly out your back window | going nowhere with no time constraint, you’ll blow the speakers before you tap those brakes

You’ve got a dirty mouth & a filthy mind, but God knows your heart is gold | you’ll leave me here looking out, for that gypsy heart of yours

You smoke, you drink, you love, you leave | move faster than the sun, if you go, I’ll go | If you promise me, someday our time will come

(Pre-chorus) (Chorus)

Love’s the last thing on your mind, but I hope to change that with time | you’re hard to learn, hard to lose, got a lot of dirty habits | I think mine could be you



You weren't the kind to quit or walk away, now all they can say is, "what a damn shame" | but I know there's more to you than what you left here,  its still so clear

(Chorus) Like your boot steps on the hardwood, ole Boot Strap's still around | little echoes in the silence, I know you’re up there looking down, and I hear your name when the crowds cry out | the boys open the chute, and I wish it was you, I wish it was you

Its a long way to Vegas from Nicola Valley, you know you made your mama and daddy so proud | but there are demons tougher than any bull, you know you put on quite the show | in & outside of that arena

(Chorus) Here we are gathered in your name those you loved, the lives you've changed that gold buckle on your best friend's jeans your diamond promise to your pretty little thing pieces of you, but pieces just the same