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🌵 5 Shots with Fairbanks Interview 

(Credit to Josh Fairbanks, 2018)

"I am really happy that I get to introduce so many of you to Angela Meyer. I really believe in her, she has a beautiful voice and is a very talented songwriter. Her voice and the song at the end of this interview almost made me cry and for me that's huge. I look forward to being here to see her career and fan base grow. Please remember to like this page and tell your friends about what I am doing here and share this interview as a way to help spread Angela's music to others who may not know about it. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy." -Josh Fairbanks

Round 1 - Do you come from a musical family or is this something that you have found on your own...Can you tell us about how you first got into music and realized this is what you wanted to do with your life?

Angela - "I was introduced to country music from my grandparents on the old record player in their house. My grandma taught me G, C, and D chords on the guitar and they also gave me my first guitar for Christmas when I was around 10. My mom was also a singer for a country cover band. My parents tell me I sang before I even started to talk and some of my earliest memories are her performing at the Iowa State Fair beer tents with her band."

Round 2 - I hear you have a new album coming out soon is there any details you can tell us about it?

Angela - "I have my first album coming out April 21st and I’m SO excited about it. It’s called “Consequence” and that’s the overall theme of the album- actions come with consequence. There’s songs about rodeo, love, murder, whores, outlaws, inlaws, and everything in between! I’m so incredibly proud of this project and we recorded it all on tape which was so cool to learn about that process. I love this album because it’s authentic. There’s no plug & play wording of trying to prove that its country or anything else... it just is what it is. I think that comes through in the pedal steel, fiddle, songwriting, vocals... all of it is just real, raw, and true.?

Round 3 - What would be your advice to young musicians, especially girls that one day dream of following in your path?

Angela - "My advice to those young people is to find out who you are and let that shine through your art. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel by trying to be like anyone that’s already happened... pay respect to the greats and own your version of the genre. My other big thing is to just be a good person. I think you’ll make it farther by treating people with respect and demanding that they do the same. Walk away from anyone or anything that doesn’t feel right in your gut, and know for every one good person there are 100 others waiting to fuck you over. Learn it as a business, love it as an art, study it as a science, and give it everything you’ve got every time you’re on that stage whether it’s for an half empty bar or a sold out show. Say thank you, ask how you can help, give back more than you’ve gotten, and be happy for everyone else’s successes too. Oh, and if you’re a young woman.. expect to do a lot of parenting & teaching... you’re allowed to demand equal pay, you’re allowed to write about more than burning your ex’s house down, you’re allowed to have thoughts and feelings and say them, you’re allowed to tell the drunk ass to back the hell away from you, you’re allowed to turn down a deal knowing the guy just wants to get with you, and you’re CERTAINLY allowed to be aware of the fact you’re not going to make it as far as fast without your tits out. But you’ve got to demand respect, not attention... respect lasts and builds a career."

Round 4 - I love animals so I ask everyone this question but do you have any pets, if so can you tell us about them?

Angela - "I LOVE animals. My boyfriend and I share two heelers- a red named Nell (Nelson McWigglebutt) & a blue named Otter (Tooter Pants). They are my babies and have infinite nicknames. We’re also blessed enough to share our lives with plenty of equines and bovines too. His family raises bucking bulls and although I wouldn’t consider them pets.. I do enjoy a bottle calf in the house every now and then. ❤️"

Round 5 - What is your favorite thing to do outside of the music World?

Angela - "My favorite thing in the world to do outside of music is either practice/teach yoga or ride horses. I’ve been riding most of my life and there is absolutely no better feeling than a good horse under you. Yoga keeps me pain free (I have a broken vertebrae and a whole list of chronic pain from riding) and is a great escape from the craziness of being a one woman show. There’s so much that goes into being an artist and these things keep me grounded and working towards my goals."

Final Call - This is an open question so tell your fans and the people reading this whatever you would like them to know.

Angela - "Check me out on Facebook (angelameyer23) & Instagram (angelameyer23) and be sure to pre-order my new album April 7th on iTunes, available everywhere April 21st. Also, as I’m writing this we just sold out the Raccoon Motel in Davenport, IA for the release party on 4/21. THANK YOU EVERYONE. And Thank you Josh for everything you do for us musicians! Your passion for music is AWESOME. We need more of you!!

Special Bonus - I love this song, what's it about?

Angela -""Wish it Was You" was written in memory of Ty Pozzobon, a PBR bull rider who took his own life last year after a battle with severe depression caused by concussions suffered during his career. I donated all proceeds from the song to the Ty Pozzobon Foundation which helps raise awareness of mental illness and concussions within the ranching and rodeo industries. This song will be on the new album as well. 🙂"