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Angela Meyer has been performing professionally since she was just 16 years old, bringing out the best of the country & western industries.  As a storyteller with a passion for her listeners, she stays true to three chords & the truth. Angela pulls in the crowd with a sweet voice and brutal honesty.  She knows what its like to be in the audience, her earliest memories taking her back to being a child dancing in smoky tent while her mama sang on stage with her band at the Iowa State Fair.  Even before she could talk, Angela was singing along with the radio and introduced to her musical heroes through her grandparents’ record player in their Iowa farmhouse. Around 10 years old, they gave her a guitar for Christmas, but it was so large she had to lay it across her lap to learn how to play it.  She finally revisited the guitar at 15 years old, starting to write her own music and creating the foundation to build her young dream into a lifelong career.

Even during her limited time on Earth, Angela has witnessed many changes to the “country” genres and how they are defined.  She sees the backlash as people speaking out about what is getting radio play & what is being overlooked. Listeners do not need to be educated on musical theory or the music business to feel that what’s being put out there is largely over-produced and under-thought.  In a world more concerned about image than content, Angela boldly offers authenticity through her artistry. Her writing paints a picture of the human experience with wisdom far beyond her years.

Angela is continuously expanding her career into a lifelong journey of bringing music to those who need it most.  Her debut album, Consequence, was released April 21st, 2018 and is available for NOW through iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and more!  She continues to perform live at venues all over the Midwest as well as nationally on the Cowboy Poetry & Western Music circuits.


Angela Meyer has been performing professionally since she was just 16 years old, staying true to “writing songs for empty rooms & broken hearts in hopes to fill them up”.  A storyteller with a passion for her listeners, Angela pulls in the crowd with a sweet voice and brutal honesty. She isn’t afraid to tackle heavy topics within her songwriting, but also pokes at the humor in everyday life.  Her first love was the horse, and she knew nothing about this “western music” until committing a crime she swore to never do- falling in love with a cowboy. Now she has fallen in love again, this time with the tradition & respect within a community of folks passionate for preserving this beautiful way of life.



  2. Daytrotter Live performance

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-SOLD OUT album release party at Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel (Davenport, IA)

-"5 Shots with Fairbanks" interview

-"Wish it Was You" considered for part of a story in The Globe and Mail (Canada's largest newspaper)

-Video shared by Cowgirl Magazine

-Invitational Performance at IWMA’s (Albuquerque, NM- Western Music Association)

-Performed on Paula Sands Live (Quad Cities)

-Stamp of Approval from Mary Kaye Western singer

-playing at the Montana Cowboy Poetry Gathering (2017)

-performances at FARM (2017) Midwest Folk Alliance

-George Strait's tour manager tweeting me complimenting "Wish it Was You" <3

-songs taken at NSAI "Pitch to Publisher" nights

-Regularly appears on The Bucktown Revue

-Live music for Gerbitz Quarter Horses Ranch Horse Show

-SOLD OUT show w/ Lillie Mae at the Raccoon Motel

-Met Carrie Underwood after winning look-a-like contest

-2015 NSAI Advanced Song Camp (Nashville, TN)

-Surprise performance of "Piece by Piece" by Kelly Clarkson to surprise a bride's daughter (2016)

-Panel judge for local music competitions

-Play before Brad Paisley at the Mississippi Valley Fair

-2019 Back Road Music Festival artist



Stage name: Please use "Angela Meyer" for all   publications and promotions.

Hometown: McCausland, IA


Contact Info: Cactus Moon Music, LLC

        PO Box 102 McCausland, IA 52758


        Marvin O'Dell's Western Music Radio (Ship Bottom, NJ)

        KIOW- Forest City, IA

        107.7 Vintage FM- Eerie, IL

        KUAF Public Radio- Fayetteville, AR

        The Western Jukebox- KWC Americana Station

        KDRT (Davis, CA)

        Mac 94.7 (Midwest Revue)

        Hog Country 102.5- Kewanee, IL

        KBOE w/ Steve Shettler- Oskaloosa, IA

Opened for: Margo Price (Buffalo Clover), Angaleena Presley (The Pistol Annie's), Jake McVey, Kingston (The Carter Twins), Aaron Carter, Ganstagrass, Lillie Mae

  • Giving back: 10-year volunteer for Quad Cities Race for the Cure (Breast Cancer Awareness), 100% of iTunes proceeds for "Wish it Was You" donated to the Ty Pozzobon Foundation, music for Baby Sophia's visitation (2016), JDRF Type 1 Diabetes Walk (2018)

Notable Venues: Daytrotter, Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel (Moeller Nights), Paula Sands Live, Nighswander Theatre, The Bluebird Cafe, The Redstone Room, Douglas Corners, Gerbitz Quarter Horses Ranch Horse Show, Montana Cowboy Poetry Gathering, Mississippi Valley Fair, The Back Road Music Festival, International Western Music Association Annual Convention

Stage Requirements: Angela will be standing in the front/center of the stage with an acoustic guitar (with pick-up) and will need a 1/4" guitar cord plug in, quality mic to sing into, and a stool to set water on during the performance.  A monitor also to be provided whenever possible.